Chelsea Trailblazers Award

Congratulations Shaquor Sandiford for being selected as the honoree of the Chelsea Trailblazers Award.

The recipient of this award is recognized for their earnest efforts for the betterment of Chelsea. We are proud of your devoted work to Village Talks and your ability to inspire youth to recognize their potential.

Over the last year you have successfully organized impactful events in which speakers provide measurable value to disadvantaged youth, designed our 7 Week Financial Fitness Workshop (financial literacy program), partnered with The Chelsea Public Library & Jordan Boys and Girls Club Family Page to provide crucial opportunities for youth, coached Middle School basketball, earned a generous gift from Cambridge Trust Company and much more.

We are thankful for your commitment to our community and are grateful to be a part of your journey. Continue your great work Shaquor, this is just the beginning of what is possible.

Village Talks, It Takes A Village to Raise A Child